Greenfeather Bird Supply, LLC has a large selection of quality crafted Made in USA parrot toys for your store!! Toys created for keet/ finch to the large macaws....

Here's why your store should be interested in buying parrot toys & now small animal toys from GFBS:

GFBS offers lines that our competitors don't!

GFBS encourages our suppliers to create new toys, which means you can offer 'NEW' to your customers. This rotates your inventory, so customers buy new toys & along with their old favorites.

Toys are UPC labeled for easy identification and inventory control.

Largest selection of quality crafted in the USA:

Toys, Sleepwear, Swings, Foraging & SO MUCH more.

At GFBS we look at both SAFETY and QUALITY in the toys that we distribute! These toys have been created using materials that are non-toxic and safe as possible.
For example:

-Pear links or quick links are used instead of dog leash clips or lanyard clips...
-Nickel plated "O" rings are used instead of key rings...
-Straw hats are woven instead of sewn with nylon filament...
-Nickel plated chain is used instead of chrome chain...

But, birds can be birds... curious and playful. Know your bird and know how it plays with toys. Our own birds play with these toys!

Did you see GFBS in Pet Product News? We've also been written about over the years in "Bird Talk" and "Pet Bird Report".

Greenfeather Bird Supply, LLC own innovative line of fabulous toys: GFBToys

GFBToys chooses the parts used on their bird toy creations because:

*Health & Safety concerns

*Eco-friendly, sustainable & non-toxic

*Made in USA & Made in USA-Certified

*Recyclable parts

*Parts from other countries...sourced from reputable suppliers.

*Fair Trade Products

*Encouraging cruelty-free purchases and practices

And MANY more lines of proven sellers that are creative, entertaining, & draw customers for...