-GFBS is not responsible for typos or errors in print.

-Initial opening order minimum $200.00 + shipping cost, order shipped to commerical address only.

-A minimum reorder of $100.00 is required for all new orders.

-Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 6pm, EST.

-Payment: All orders are paid in full prior to shipping. GFBS gladly accepts cash, Mastercard, Visa or Paypal. All drive to deliveries in New England & New York state are C.O.D..

-Credit card use: By using your password you agree that your order placed & payed for by Mastercard, Visa or Paypal is done without dispute. That the order is an authorized use of your credit card. GFBS sends the merchandise to either the store address on record, or the card bearers billing address for that card on record only. No exceptions. All costs to collect delinquent accounts will be incurred by purchaser. All cost of rerouting a shipped shipment will be charged to receiver.

-Check use: Sorry...No checks accepted anymore. You can use your bank account through Paypal.

-Not all merchandise will be in at all times. Inventory is rotated to bring your store new items, some suppliers can only produce a certain number of toys at a time or product is in transit. GFBS will try to let you know what is missing from your order so another selection can be made. Discontinued or not in catalog items ordered will be replaced with like items.

-GFBS is NOT responsible for the inappropriate use, inappropriate size of a toy for bird &/or critter (small to jumbo) this includes a stores own recommendation to a customer &/or a customers own inappropriate selection/choice of a toy, including a re-configured toy that is not an original design anymore for the harm, damage &/or death it may cause. No exceptions. This includes & not limited to any vet bills, attorney or court fees, etc.

-Back orders are not automatically filled...Please reorder.

-Returns: Order wisely...NO returns or exchanges on orders! No exceptions!

-Any accidental shortages of product charged for MUST be reported within 24 hours of receipt of order. That means if an order is received on Friday, the reports needs to be made by Saturday, no exceptions. (If it is marked "send" next to the item, it is on its way & not a shortage item.) At that time it will be determined if the missing item will be sent or a credit issued or...

-Damaged Merchandise: All packages are insured by UPS, USPS, or FED-EX. Their claim procedures requires that you contact them upon reciept of the damaged goods. GFBS cannot authorize credit for damaged merchandise unless you follow UPS, USPS or FED-EX procedure, they acknowledge the claim and payment is made.

-Shipping cost within the Continental USA, there are two options:

NOTE: Orders shipped to a "Residential" address according to UPS or FedEx standards will be charged a $3.50 per box fee. If your address is considered 'Rural' a fee of $3.10 per box plus any other additional fees these will be added too. These charges are NOT waived on the "free shipping".
-*At 1000.00 FREE DOMESTIC shipping within the USA via UPS or USPS. A submitted'Order' is considered complete that no add-ons my be added to get to the Free Ship Minimum once your order is either in the process of being boxed or boxed readyfor shipping, your credit card for payment has been run or order has shipped. The add-ons become the start of a NEW order. No exceptions.

-*Orders from $100.00 (minimum order amount) to $999.99, all shipping cost are extra & will be added to the invoice/bill.
If your store has their own UPS account #, GFBS is more than willing to use it. Invoices at $465.00 will receive FREE TOYS at RETAIL VALUE towards shipping cost. Toys sent will be selected by GFBS. These toys do not go towards minimum for order or fall under any discounted specials being offered.

-*Orders under $199.99 are subject to a $12.00 service fee. This fee does not go towards increasing the order to go over the $100.00 order minimum.

Shipping outside continental USA (Alaska, Hawaii, etc) & International...Sorry, NO free shipping. Shipping cost will be charged or if you have a UPS account, your account number will be used.

-Drop Shipping for 4 wall walk-in stores: is a service GFBS also provides. We will ship directly to your customer. You are responsible for the shipping costs, GFBS must have your UPS account number on file to charge shipping directly to. If you do not have an account with UPS, one needs to be opened for this service. A $3.00 flat packaging and handling charge will be added per drop shipped order. GFBS reuses boxes, if you need a ‘new’ box, the box cost will be added to your order total. Drop shipments are only accepted with credit card payment at the time the order is placed. Drop ship orders are accepted by fax or email only & need a P.O. number per order. Before charging your customer for order, confirm with GFBS that all items are in stock. The drop ship orders do not qualify for free toys to cover shipping.

-Drop ship for internet/web stores: same as above plus a $125.00 per week fee due on sunday for the upcoming week. Fee is not pro-rated. This fee is a non-refundable, even if there are no orders filled for the week.This is for the service of housing inventory to have ready to go.

-Turn around time will depend upon payment method and when inventory is available. Reminder...GFBToys & the other toys distributed by GFBS are Handmade not only in America, BUT in the USA by small companies... GFBS only distributes Made in USA bird & small animal toys. GFBToys uses the most Made in USA-Certified parts, approximately 80% of the parts used have been certified.

-By clicking the"AGREE" button, then entering your store's assigned password means that the user has agreed to all Policies & Procedures written & implied above. This also gives permission to GFBS to be able to email &/or fax to your provided information. This info will not be shared or sold.-No sharing of passwords.

-Thank you for your business!!! GFBS